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BIG will launch the first installment of our company’s annual FlashWorks Series, which showcases original 10-15 minute works inspired by the writings of a single, iconic author or subject-matter. Our goal is to provide emerging writers with a platform to showcase their work, and to push and support playmaking artists and audience members to experience the themes of traditional literature in bold, refreshing new ways.

In our first production, Poewe see raw emotion, love, death and madness set against the backdrops of Hurricane Katrina, post-apocalyptic worlds, and Paul McCartney’s stolen bass guitar.  Audiences will witness the fall of Prince Prospero’s court to the Red Death through a haunting original score.  The telltale marks of Poe - beating hearts and black cats - find new expression in dusty hotels and sandy dreamscapes.  Walls are built as a scorned lover buries her friend, while the fourth wall is broken entirely as Edgar Allen Poe himself addresses the audience on his popular successor, Rod Serling.  The diversity of materials demonstrates the boundless creativity with which our writers have risen to our challenge. 

Check back for updates on this production, including audition information and show dates!