"Destiny is luck." "Destiny is getting lucky." Humorous as it is poignant, absurd as it is profound, DESTINY IS JUDD NELSON follows a group of young New Yorkers searching for meaningful connections in a city where timing is everything.

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Laura Allen, Katy Beringer, Nathalie Frederick Berman, Gail Cains, Sammi Cains, Teresa Cano, Mishi Castroverde, Diana, Josh Fisher, Mariana Goncalves, Sarah Goncalves, the Gooch family, Laura Grisafi, Paula Grisafi, Joni Hartle, Helen, Sharon M. Johnson, Dwandra Lampkins, Kimberly Lauren, Erika M., Gail Mangeolle, Megan McCoy, Leslie Dooley McDermott, Lisa McGurn, Bridget McNeeley, Francine Melia, Marcin Mesa, Minka, James Misch, Lee Levy Misch, Marilyn Misch, Sarah Misch, Christopher Mortweet, David Nackman, Kara Ayn Napolitano, Tyler Newhouse, John Noel, Michael Mullen O’Hara, Alexa Peyton, Sarah Derene Pittocco, Kelly Riley, Brian Rodriguez, Jodi Savitz, Joann Scholl, Savannah Schulte, Sita, Carrie Stewart, the Thistlethwaite family, the Tompkins family, Alexandra Valle, Jim Wells, Terrence Williams, Melanie Wirsch & Laura Witt